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This Month's Blog: Haint Blue


      The Tybee Bomb
March 2018
The Haunted Poet
Conrad Aiken
February 2018
A Grave Mistake
January 2018
Deathbed Confession
December 2017
Aargh! Ghosts In
The Pirates' House
November 2017

Ghostly Trick-or-Treat:
The Willink House
October 2017

Nightmare On Jones Street;
The Eliza Thompson House
August 2017
Paranormal Freak-Out; The Hampton-Lillibridge House
July 2017
Don't Look Up The Chimney; The Kehoe House
June 2017
The Lion, The Ghosts and
The Cotton - The Savannah Cotton Exchange
May 2017
432 Abercorn Street -
The General's Daughter
April 2017
Enlist In The Afterlife
- Ft. Pulaski
March 2017
Phantoms of
The Theatre
February 2017
Boo! With
Your Brew

January 2017
A Christmas Party
To Die For
December 2016
Marshall House
November 2016
October 2016
The Sorrel-Weed House
September 2016
The Ghostly Guest
August 2016
Savannah's Stinky Ghost
July 2016
Bo-Cat at Hell's Gate
June 2016
The Purposeful Plant;
May 2016
Casting The Gift Net
April 2016
St. Patrick's Party Week
March 2016
Gribble House Ax Murders
February 2016

Fish Karma
November 2015

The Ghost of Alice Riley
September 2015

The Armadillo Of Possibility
August 2015

Be Careful...
July 2015

The Parking Spot
June 2015

Roll'n Around Savannah
May 2015

Zombies Y'all!
April 2015

March 2015

Where Do Stories Come From?
January 2015

Sea Fog Off The Coast
December 2014

October 2014

Thrown Out By Girl Scouts
September 2014

Dead Man's Fingers Video
August 2014

Tybee Time-Warp
July 2014

Savannah's Dead Folks
June 2014

Tourist Season In Savannah
May 2014

Books By JK Bovi are Humorous Ghost Books With Southern Charm.
Fun, easy to read, fiction paranormal stories for young adults and adults of all ages.
Guaranteed to make everyone laugh even the dead!
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