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Books By JK Bovi are Humorous Ghost Books With Southern Charm.
Fun, easy to read, fiction paranormal stories for young adults and adults of all ages.
Guaranteed to make everyone laugh – even the dead!

Wicked Haints

Haints” are what people in the
 low country call “spirits.”
Strange occurrences begin
on Jones Street as havoc in
Savannah's  haunted
historical district.
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Dead Man's Fingers

The ghost of the Savannah Strangler is 
back from the dead causing hilarious
mischief and mayhem as
he has the best time of his
deceased life.
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Zombies Y'all!

Students, local townsfolk, a voodoo
princess band together  to end the Zombie Apocalypse that threatens
to make Savannah a ghost tow
 without any ghosts!
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Heels & Souls

It's Saturday night and crazy high-spirited
ghosts kick up the graveyard dust and
boogie-woogie dance
the Savannah Swing all over town.
It's A Ghostly Thing... That Savannah Swing
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But What Do You Do
With A Dragon?

Delightful 12 page illustrated
e-book about manners and
good behavior. Perfect story to read to young children.
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Understanding The Zombie
In All Of

Fun book comparing Zombie behavior to people we encounter everyday.

This 30 page amusing e-book is enhanced
with comical (not gross) illustrations.
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Where to Buy on-line:
amazon.com   booksamillion.com   barnesandnoble.com   GogglePlay.com   smashwords.com
Zombies Y'all! audible.com 

Where to Buy Local To Savannah:
Arts & Crafts Emporium
, River Street
Savannah History Museum Gift Shop, MLK Blvd
The Book Lady Bookstore, E. Liberty
Foxy Loxy Cafe & Print Gallery, Bull Street
Sanders Gifts & Home, Hwy 80 East Savannah

Village Library, Skidaway Island
Live Oaks Library,

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