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Dead Man's Fingers



Renovations in a Savannah building expose a skeleton that had been  buried and forgotten about for over a hundred years. It is immediately apparent that the person's death was the result of foul play.

When the bones are removed and the mumbo-jumbo dark magic spell is broken, The Ghost of The Savannah Strangler rises up from the dead determined to squeeze the life out of the living with his creepy cold dead man’s fingers.

The police can't capture him. The psychics can't control him! He’s back from the dead causing hilarious mischief and mayhem as he evades justice, wrecks havoc, and has the best time of his deceased life. 

Be mindful where you tread...
you walk upon Savannah’s dead

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Books By JK Bovi are Humorous Ghost Books With Southern Charm.
Fun, easy to read, fiction paranormal stories for young adults and adults of all ages.
Guaranteed to make everyone laugh – even the dead!
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