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Savannah becomes a live action 3-D Zombie Apocalypse game of skill, combat and amusement as students band together to save the ghost population from being zombiefied. Armed with Z-guns and wearing Z-tecters, townsfolk gallantly fight a hoard of hungry infected drooling ghost eating zombies.

It seems like harmless fun until a voodoo princess tells them that shooting a zombie in the brain makes it a no-brainer and traps the zombie in Ghost-Limbo. And then it is a fast hilarious quest to locate no-brainer zombies, set them free, and end the Zombie Apocalypse before Savannah becomes a ghost town without any ghosts!

Be mindful where you tread...
you walk upon Savannah’s dead

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Books By JK Bovi are Humorous Ghost Books With Southern Charm.
Fun, easy to read, fiction paranormal stories for young adults and adults of all ages.
Guaranteed to make everyone laugh – even the dead!
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