JK Bovi is currently working on two new books and creating art

Book Projects

Claire Buoyant, A Ghost Ship

You don't have to be clairvoyant to know Savannah's future is full of outlandish mischief when Claire Buoyant sails the high seas of fun! Hop on-board a ghost ship for an amusing paranormal adventure that's sure to tingle a deadman's funny-bone.

An old ship is haunted by a ghost who's not very happy about being tossed out like rusty scrap metal. Claire Buoyant rises up from her watery grave swirling up trouble, rumbling destructive waves, seeking hilarious revenge and causing a tsunami of trouble.

Can the US Coast Guard, a paranormal expert, an apprentice shaman, and a collection of low country fishermen raise Claire Buoyant from the dead and set her back on course?

Coffin Droppings, Vampires Gone Wild

Over two hundred years ago Charis placed her thirteen year old brother, Matthew, in a coffin in an attic of a prestigious Savannah Georgia home. Now he's waking from his vampire nap and ready for some bloodsucking mischief and adventure.

To complicate his awakening their estranged father arrives, evil vampire hunters stalk them, a demonic entity wants to entity wants to destroy them, and Charis finds herself falling hopelessly in love with a human.

Could things possibly get any worse? Open the book, lift up the creepy coffin lid and carefully look inside look to discover what hysterical Coffin Droppings are are leaking out. You might not get bitten by a vampire, but but you will defiantly be overcome with laughter.

Art Projects