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 I will be posting funny photos of Brandon-Jack from Dead Man's Fingers getting into all sorts of creepy, funny, mischievous trouble.


New e-book Now Available

$1.99 Amazon Kindle

Understanding The Zombie In All Of Us

Understanding The Zombie In All Of Us is a funny book comparing Zombie behavior and the characteristics of people we encounter everyday. Whether it's a strange Math Teacher, Friendenemy, a crazy hugging Aunt,
or the School Bully there are hilarious similarities between the living
and the undead dead.
This 30 page amusing book is enhanced
with comical (not gross) illustrations.
A great read for any Zombie Enthusiast!

Halloween 2015
City Market
Savannah Georgia

Hunting for Zombies
October 2015
Stopped in at E. Shavers Booksellers
Bull Street Savannah
To get autographed books by local Savannah author

Josh Vasquez
Savannah Zombie Series
A New Death
A New Darkness

October 2015 Book Signing At CJ Hallmark, Village Market, Skidaway Island, GA
Thank you to everyone for showing up and trying on those Z-tectors! Lots of Fun
Books By JK Bovi are Humorous Ghost Books With Southern Charm.
Fun, easy to read, fiction paranormal stories for young adults and adults of all ages.
Guaranteed to make everyone laugh even the dead!
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