JK Bovi is the pen name for Joan Kay Delli Bovi

She is a Graphic Designer, Artist and Published Author



Kay grew up an Air Force Brat. She has experienced a variety of  different cultures and environments. Her father came from West Virginia and her mother from Bergerac France. It was a unique blended childhood shared with her older sister, Pat.

Kay jokingly says, "as a result of my childhood I like to drink a fine Bordeaux wine with my squirrel stew".

Eventually the little family settled in one place and, with the exception of spending two years in Southeast Asia, Kay lived most of her childhood  in Dover Delaware.

She took ballet classes, painting classes and horseback riding. Her younger days were spent boating, fishing, crabbing and camping with her family along the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays.

"It was a wonderful childhood where I was given the chance to explore, create and learn in a loving environment. I thank everyone who, knowingly or not, added to my life experiences which inspired me to write funny stories full of interesting characters."

After high school Kay attended college at East Carolina University School of Art in North Carolina and graduated with a degree in Art Education.

"It was a fantastic time for expanding my creative interest. I loved painting on canvas, and I also enjoyed writing stories. It was my hope to blend them together and become a children's book illustrator."

To pursue her dream she moved outside of NYC and found employment as a graphic designer.

While working for a printing company she met and married her husband Bob. They moved to Westfield  Massachusetts where they raised two sons; Christopher and Robert.

Kay worked in many areas of graphic design, from creating line art illustrations for educational testing to developing press ready artwork. For over ten years in the composing room of The Wall Street Journal.

"It was a wonderful opportunity to work with top-class editors and it helped me fine-tune my writing skills to a professional level."

Bob took a position at Savannah College of Art & Design, and they moved to Savannah Georgia.

She works as a Graphic Designer and once again found herself surrounded in a rich  artistic community and, like in her youth, she could go boating and fishing in the tidal creeks.

"It feels like I'm home again and I love the ambience, culture and 
relaxed lifestyle of Savannah."

The interesting colorful environment inspired Kay to continue with her desire to write children's books and in 2012 she published her fist book, Wicked Haints, with Schiffer Books.

Her printed books with Vinspire Publishing,  include Dead Man's Fingers, Zombies Y'all! and Heels & Souls.  (they are also available in e-books and Zombie's Y'all! is in audio).

Her young adult paranormal books are light, fun, easy to read and contain no bad words. Perfect for young readers and adults of all ages. The stories take place in Savannah Georgia and are full of unusual characters and southern charm.