Paintings & Art

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Happy Plants acrylic 11 x 14 Marsh Creek acrylic 11 x 14 Eric conte crayon 11 x 14 Morning Marsh acrylic 11x14
Dark Marsh acrylic 12x12 Green Marsh acrylic 12x12 Fall Marsh acrylic 12x12 Sunrise Marsh 12x12
Gray Man  acrylic 20x16 Red Marsh acrylic 22x30
Marshscape  acrylic 12x24 Marsh Trail  acrylic 12x24
But What Do You Do With A Dragon? watercolor/ink Illustration 5x5 Jester
watercolor/ink 4x4
Wicked Haints Illustration
ink 4x4
Mole Melvin
watercolor/ink 5.5x8
Eric and The Dragon watercolor/ink Illustration 11x9 Three Friends pen/ink 8x6 Troll conte crayon  4.5x6
Mark Twain  collage 14x20 Sunglow acrylic 16x20 Yellow Marsh acrylic 20x16
Gray Marsh acrylic 11x14 Marsh acrylic 11x14 Wassaw acrylic 11x14 Golden Marsh acrylic 11x14
Red Marshscape acrylic 11x14 Lavender Sky acrylic 11x14 Bright Marsh acrylic 11x14 Red Trees acrylic 11x14
 Fall Marsh acrylic 11x14  Lizard acrylic 8x10 Brown Abstract acrylic 16x20 Waves acrylic 11x14
Colorful Marsh acrylic 12x36